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CWA is pleased to partner with MainLine Private Wealth

CW Advisors LLC is very pleased to announce it has partnered with MainLine Private Wealth of Wynnewood, PA. MainLine has been providing sound financial advice to their clients since it began its advisory operations in January, 2012.

Welcome MainLine Clients
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We’re invested in you.

Once upon a time, wealth managers built real connections with their clients. We’re bringing back the tradition of custom-made planning and relationships built on genuine trust.

Work with Us
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You’re unique. Your portfolio should be too.

We’ll work to manage your wealth in a way that works for you. Rather than simply allocating assets, we craft custom portfolios with an array of global asset classes. We tailor your plan based on your needs – and we keep up with those needs as they change throughout your life. Risks and opportunities always arise. We’re prepared to meet them head-on.

Build a Plan
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Wealth that lives on.

There’s no better feeling than living life fully without worry. That’s why we work to take care of your legacy so your wealth can be enjoyed for generations.

Your Legacy Starts Here

Wealth Management


We listen to our clients and get to know their families so we can build both strong relationships and the best plans for their futures. People are at the core of what we do.


Investors who operate on emotion consistently underperform in the market. We’ve seen it time and again. As seasoned financial experts, we harness data to execute sound investment decisions that grow – and protect – our clients’ assets.


Your values make you who you are. And we know true wealth isn’t just about money, but about aligning your values with your actions, having the freedom to pursue your passions and protecting your family’s future.