The Next Chapter of Catalyzing Wealth

We are proud to announce that we have changed our name from Congress Wealth Management to CW Advisors, embodying our commitment to catalyzing wealth and opening doors to new possibilities for your financial future.

Introducing A Fresh Identity for a Bright Future

The transition to our new name represents more than a rebrand—it’s a reflection of our shared commitment to elevating your financial experience. With this evolution, we embrace a collective vision that goes beyond managing wealth; we are serving as a catalyst to discovering new possibilities and reaching new goals.

Tailored Solutions for Your Financial Journey

We remain squarely focused on understanding and serving your unique needs. Whether it’s wealth management, financial planning, or investment strategies, we are dedicated to providing you with comprehensive, tailored solutions that lead to new dimensions of financial growth.

Our Teams’ Continued Commitment
Tailored Solutions for Your Financial Journey

Our Teams’ Continued Commitment

Your trusted advisors, the familiar faces who have been dedicated to your financial well-being, remain a constant. With CW Advisors, they are now bolstered by an expanding team, bringing in diverse talents and perspectives to serve you better and ensure your financial needs are met with the highest level of expertise.


The Story Continues

To delve deeper into our name change and the exciting developments it brings, we invite you to read our official press release. Discover the motivations, values, and future vision that will shape CW Advisors and the service we provide to our clients.

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