Solutions That Align With Your Vision

Solutions That Align With Your Vision

We start by understanding you—your unique aspirations guide us in defining your investment objectives. This personalized insight allows us to craft a portfolio that not only seeks to achieve your current goals but also evolves with you, ensuring alignment with your life’s changing needs.


Wealth Management

We build diversified, risk-managed portfolios designed to optimize your assets, adjusting dynamically as your life and the markets evolve, striving to ensure your goals are always within reach. 

Family Office Services

Our highly customized offering is built to meet each family’s goals and objectives and to protect your most valuable asset – time.


Defining Your Financial Future

As trusted wealth advisors, we combine our expert team's resources, specialized knowledge, and time-tested methods with innovative tools to meet our clients' distinct needs.  



Explore the Reach of CW Advisors

CW Advisors maintains a national presence with local expertise in key markets, ensuring personalized service no matter where you're located. Our offices, staffed by specialists attuned to both global trends and local nuances, deliver tailored wealth management solutions designed to meet your unique financial needs.



Selecting the right wealth management firm raises many important questions. We've compiled answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we receive, aiming to provide you with clearer insights and assist in your decision-making process.

Investing is challenging and the average investor faces hurdles.  Our planning and investing discipline will align your financial goals with your life and legacy goals and eliminate the layers of stress that come from self-management.
Our clients span generations and come from a variety of professional backgrounds, including tech, healthcare, academia, entertainment, and finance. Predominantly, we serve pre-retirees and retirees who trust us for independent wealth management and appreciate the personal touch and expertise we provide.
Our fee model is straightforward: we charge a management fee as a percentage of the assets under management, ensuring our interests align with yours. We do not earn commissions from transactions, nor do we accept any form of compensation from investment product providers or financial institutions, maintaining our commitment to objectivity and transparency. We serve qualified investors, requiring a minimum of $1,000,000 in liquid investable assets. For a detailed breakdown of our fee structure, we encourage you to consult our ADV Brochure.
At CW Advisors, we distinguish ourselves through a combination of institutional-quality portfolios and exceptional service, specifically tailored to meet the needs of our high-net-worth clients in managing and stewarding their wealth. Innovation is at the heart of our approach, enabling us to address the complex wealth and legacy requirements of our clients effectively, both now and for generations to come. Our firm's values are deeply influenced by our commitment to forging meaningful, enduring relationships.
We prioritize your privacy and security by adopting industry-leading best practices for information security, which are integrated into both our technological infrastructure and our daily business operations.
There are inherent risks with investing, including the possibility that your investment could lose some or all of its value. Risk management involves taking steps to protect your investment from market decline.  Owning a diversified portfolio of high-quality investments is critical component to managing risk.
While CW Advisors maintains a presence with local expertise in a number of markets across the country, we leverage cutting-edge technology to deliver personalized service to clients no matter where they are located.